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A Family and Ancestral Heritage

Back when I was a child, I remember my mother trying to detangle my long, thick hair. She used products that I had never heard of, yet I liked the texture and they didn't sting my eyes.

I especially remember that my mother's hair products smelled like olive oil, lemon or sometimes rose.

Did she use these products because she wanted to save money or because they were local and available? I wonder if she was aware of the many benefits of natural products even before science revealed them to us. Moms know!

In my native country, Algeria, the use of natural ingredients and medicinal plants is part of our tradition.

When I started taking care of my own hair and body, I followed this tradition passed onto me.


Curiosity that Goes a Long Way

Being curious by nature, I asked myself many questions (and I still do). Questions like: how do the various ingredients interact? This quest for explanations fascinated me. It was a passion that would soon become a vocation.

When it was time to choose a field of study, I intuitively headed toward science: first, for my bachelor’s and then for my doctorate in organic chemistry at University of Paris 5.

Like many other students, I had to work to pay for my studies. It was while I was a maintenance worker at a ski resort that I started to reflect on the cleaning products we used. Yes, they were effective, but they were also toxic. An effective product that was also good for human health and for the environment had to exist, right?

When I finished my studies, I dove back into my passion for my mother's recipes. But this time, I was equipped to analyze the ingredients myself. Now, I could compare them to the cosmetics and skincare products on the market.

What a surprise to discover the richness and effectiveness of natural ingredients! From that moment on, I knew I had to create my own line of natural skincare products.


The Beginning of a Beautiful Adventure

The idea of starting my own business began to take root. I shared this idea with a friend, who arranged for me to meet the CEO of Clarin's. Wow! She encouraged me to persevere and to cherish my passion for natural products. That's when I understood that these products were the future!

Back in Algeria, I worked on creating a natural products company with such enthusiasm that, I admit, sometimes bordered on stubbornness.

Then, my husband and I made a decision that changed the course of our lives. We decided to move to Quebec and have found a home. I joyfully continue my commitment to providing products that allow you to care for your children by giving them the best nature has to offer.

As a mother myself, I am very concerned about the well-being of my children. I see how healthy, natural products have real benefits on their delicate skin, protecting them. Isn't this our mission as moms, to protect our children?

Mounira Benamer

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